Breast Cancer Risk Higher for Sleep Deprived Women

Hitting the bed at the right time and getting enough sleep can make you less susceptible to breast cancer.But if you are sleep deprived, then you may be at an increased risk of developing breast cancer.

Breast Cancer Risk

Effects of Sleep Deprivation

Sleep is very important as it lets your body relax and rejuvenate. An average individual requires about six hours of sleep daily. Sleeping less than six hours can have an adverse impact on your body.

 Lack of sleep for a prolonged period is called as sleep deprivation. Various studies have proved that sleep deprivation can lead to a lack of concentration, fatigue, tiredness and a leading factor for various psychiatric disorders.

Sleeplessness even for one night can affect your body for a week. It takes at least a week for the body to get back to its normal functions. So, sleep deprivation is a serious issue as it can weaken your immune system and alter gene expression.

Melatonin Suppresses Tumor Growth

Brain synthesizes melatonin hormone during the night to regulate sleep. If your sleep deprived, the brain does not secrete this hormone and increase the risk of breast cancer.

Melatonin can suppress the growth of breast cancer cells. This effect of melatonin on cancer was identified by researchers at the Michigan State University.

Breast cancer is of different types and among that hormone-triggered breast cancer is very difficult to treat. Scientists used estrogen, a hormone present in women’s body and Bisphenol A (BPA), a common estrogen-like chemical found in plastics to trigger breast cancer.

They grew breast cancer cells by using stem cells, known as mammospheres.  When these mammospheres were treated using estrogen or BPA and then with melatonin, there was a greater reduction in breast tumors. This effect heightened when the process was done simultaneously.

Researchers suggested that their findings may help develop new treatment for strategies for hormone-derived breast cancer. They cautioned that lack of melatonin due to sleep deprivation could be a major risk factor for developing breast cancer among women.

So, follow regular sleeping schedules and stay away from sleep debt to ward off breast cancer risk.

Sleep Deprived Women

Tips to Get Good Night’s Sleep

  • Eat a light dinner and never stuff your stomach with high-fat foods at night.
  • Bananas and milk are known for its sleep-inducing qualities. So, have a banana with a glass of milk before bed to sleep better.
  • Never drain yourself with multitasking and negativity. Be calm and positive to set yourself up for a good night’s sleep.

Author: Don James

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