You Can Now Buy LG V30 in Raspberry Rose Colored Variant, Launched at CES 2018

CES 2018 is underway with lots of new products and announcements being made every minute.

Even older phones like the LG V30 has got some attention as the company officially announced the Raspberry Rose colored variant for the device.

The LG V30 is one of the best flagship devices from 2017 which has found its way in 2018 enticing buyers with a whole new color variant to keep them interested in the product. The color is definitely an eye catchy choice because even though it falls under the pink category, it looks impressive and may be an appealing option for both genders.

LG V30 in Raspberry Rose Colored Variant CES 2018

The company in their official press release calls it an intense saturated version of red and not actual pink or rose even though the title says so. The hue is very unique unlike any other color variant available in the market. It is a fashionable smartphone, says the designers and it is in every perspective and also designed to make it a memorable gift on Valentine’s day in the month of February.

A unique smartphone, it focuses more on the camera aspect but the best thing about this large device is the built in double DAC which makes it an amazing choice for music lovers. The phone has received rave reviews from critics all over the world. It is available in a range of colors including Moroccan Blue, Lavender Violet, Cloud Silver and Aurora Black. Each one of them has been made to perfection and the choice of hue plays an important role in making the phone look as premium as it could get.

LG V30 in Raspberry Rose Colored Variant, Launched at CES 2018

The sound system in the smartphone is designed and powered by B&O Play, one of the premium speaker manufacturers in the world and comes bundled with quality headphones which makes it a complete package. The LG V30 is also a premium smartphone in terms of specifications, display quality, camera quality and screen size.

When everything falls in place, it obviously becomes the best choice for buyers this season and is expected to sell better even in 2018 until other flagship smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S9 hits the market. The LG phone still manages to win over its competitors with its affordable price tag and the range of value added features it offers. The Raspberry Rose colored variant which was launched at CES 2018 will soon be available in Europe, Asia after the initial launch in USA.

Author: Don James

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