Google Pixel and Pixel XL Phones are Facing a New Problem – Failing Microphones

Hardware problems in smartphones are pretty high these days and Google Pixel, Pixel XL phones are no different.

The brand’s premium smartphones are giving a hard time for customers as its microphones are failing in select devices.

Pixel Failing Microphones

If the issue was faced by tens of customers, it may not be something to worry about. However, there are over 800 replies in the Google forum at the moment. All of them unanimously claim that there is no audio input in their respective Pixel or Pixel XL phones. Some users have reported that one or all of their microphones have failed. The problem varied from one device to another. Users report that it worked with their camera app when recording a video. The same didn’t work when making phone calls or a voice recording app.

As complaints pile up, Google support executives didn’t waste any time and tried to give all possible explanations as to why it would happen. The Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones have three different microphones integrated in it. One of them is the phone input while the other two works as ambient mics. It could also be caused if the soldering done in the hairline crack has lost its connection to the phone’s motherboard.

The phone’s current temperature and grip used could also cause temporary issues. Some users tried to make it work by heating it up with a hair dryer. It is not advisable as it could cause irrevocable damage to the hardware. Based on all the comments and support team’s reply, the problem seems to be hardware based and there is no easy way to fix it.

Google suggested that users with faulty Pixel or Pixel XL phones can send their device to the company’s authorized center. The devices were launched recently and all of them are covered under warranty. The support executives suggest that they will fix the hardware or will provide new devices based on the severity of the problem. The company also added that only one percent of the user base is affected by this problem. It could also been caused when the users accidentally drop the device.

Google Pixel

The customer support team also suggests that if the microphone issue persists in their replacement device, the Pixel or Pixel XL owner should get it replaced immediately. Google plans to look into the complaints and find if it is found on more than the expected one percent of their customer base.

Author: Don James

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