Nintendo Switch Future : Hardware Revisions and More Controllers on the Cards

Nintendo has started discussing the future of the Nintendo Switch, with more hardware upgrades and more controllers in the pipeline.

The Nintendo Switch has not yet been launched, with one month still to go. However, the company has already started discussing the future of the Nintendo Switch and the upgrades to the hardware to be made over a period of time.

The Nintendo Switch is a popular gaming console produced by Nintendo, a global gaming leader. There is console as well as portable playing options available.

Nintendo Switch Future

Future Life Cycle

In a discussion with Time, Shinya Takahashi, the Nintendo director and Yoshiaki Koizumi, the producer of Switch, discussed the future of the system. They also discussed future revisions and upgrades to the hardware, with the possibility of a Nintendo DS or a 3DS system.

According to Takahashi, players who had bought the Nintendo gaming console traditionally would consider the new Nintendo Switch as a home console that they could use for a longer period. As for users who have been buying the conventional handheld console, they might be ready to upgrade when a new version is released.


The hardware upgrades made to the original Nintendo DS were the DS Lite and the DSi as well as the DSi XL. There were also some revisions in the 3DS, namely the New 3DS and 2DS.

Changes in Controllers

Takahashi has also talked about the possibilities of some hardware changes with respect to the Joy Con controllers that are detachable. According to him, it was possible to remove them from the system. This offers the chances of attaching something else in their place, he said, though he did not discuss this idea further.

System Acting as Bridge

Koizumi emphasized that the Nintendo Switch comes as a hybrid device and considers the system as one that merges the earlier separate portable with the home segments. Earlier, players would play some things on the home system and other on the handheld device. Nintendo aspires for the Nintendo Switch to offer a system that can bridge these two and offer a steady system that the player is constantly using, according to Koizumi.

Lifespan and Upgrades

According to the Time interview with the Nintendo Director and Switch Producer, they have designed the Switch in a manner so that players could use it in a way that suited them the most.  As the controllers can be separated from the system, there are several options for expanding the capabilities of the controller and also options for what can be connected to the system. Different people have many ideas regarding what could be potentially connected with the system. It is possible that one day the company might just come up with something new, but they were not in a position to offer any examples at the time.

Nintendo Switch

Third Party Developers

In the interview with Time, the Nintendo director and the producer of Switch have also stated that they met several third party developers and have done a presentation of the device directly. Several overseas developers were also happy to see the system.

Author: Don James

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