Nokia P1 Unveiling at MWC 2017, Features Specs Leaked, the iPhone of Android?

Nokia P1 from HMD Global will be unveiled at the MWC 2017, with features and specs of the flagship smartphone leaked in advance.

The presence of HMD Global at the event has been confirmed and it is expected that some Nokia branded phones will be unveiled at the event next month.

Rumors on Nokia P1

The Nokia 6 was announced earler and it was expected that another device, called the Nokia 8, would be unveiled at the MWC. However, another smartphone, the Nokia P1 has recently been spotted and reports claim that it will be one of the phones announced at the event held in Barcelona.

Nokia P1 MWC 2017

Rebadging of Sharp Aquos P1

Some rumors claim that the new Nokia P1 will merely be a rebadging of the earlier Sharp Aquos P1. However, latest information contradicts this news. According to Worket, a Russian site, the Nokia P1 will be a flagship device and will be packing the latest Qualcomm, Snapdragon 835 chip, coming with a RAM of 6 GB.

Specs Leaked

The leaks on the Nokia P1 suggest that the display will be 5.1 inches and it will be protected with the corning Gorilla Glass 5. There will be two storage options of 128 GB and 256 GB and the battery will be powered at 3500 mAh. The rear camera will be certified by Zeiss and will have a resolution of 22.6 MP and the phone will have IP57 certification, being both dust and water resistant.

It will come with fingerprint scanner feature and will run on the latest Android Nougat 7.0 out of the box.

Rumors Credible

The rumors about the new Nokia P1 seem to be credible. HMD Global is the new company that is developing the Nokia Android phones and marketing them. HMD Global has already confirmed that it will be present at the MWC event for 2017 along with Nokia. In addition, it is known that Fox conn has bought Sharp recently and Sharp is responsible for the manufacture of the new Nokia smartphones. This might be enough proof to indicate that the Nokia P1 is based on the Sharp phone.

Till now, Nokia as well as HMD Global have announced one Android handset, which is the Nokia 6. However, it is now known that some more smartphones could also be unveiled at the MWC this year and the Nokia P1 could very well be one of them.

Nokia P1 Leaked

Qualcomm Refutes Rumors

A few days ago, there were some videos show online stating that Qualcomm had revealed the Nokia 8 while performing a demo of their latest Snapdragon, 835 chipset at the CES 2017. This led to speculation about a high end Nokia phone, which would be a competitor to iPhones( or the iPhone of Android) and the Pixel smartphones. However, Qualcomm has refuted all these rumors saying that they do not offer any images of their reference design. They stated that there were rumors regarding the phone being a Nokia smartphone, but that these rumors where not right. The demos of the Snapdragon 835 were based on their own references, and are the same ones being used each year for the Snapdragon SoC.

Author: Don James

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