Pokemon Go Promotes Physical Activity and Keeps You Healthy

Games are blamed for making people sedentary as they remain glued to their screens for hours.

But the recent gaming sensation, Pokemon Go may not be the same as it can promote physical activity and keep people healthy.

Pokemon Go

Pokemon video games series launched by Niantic for both iOS and Android has become a huge hit with more than 130 million downloads worldwide. It is one of the most used mobile apps in the history of the app store.

Pokemon Go is a free to play game that allows users to search for different species of Pokemon in the real world. Since it is an augmented reality-based game, researchers from the Bayor College of Medicine in Texas have reported that it can have potential health implications too.

The game uses GPS technology to figure out the location of the user and enables them to catch their favorite Pokemon creatures. It lets the user to explore various parts of the world by stepping out of their seats. As they move around, the smartphone vibrates to let the user know that there is a Pokemon near them. The player can catch it by throwing a poke ball from their touch screen.

The game also has Pokestops located in popular locations such as malls, national parks, wildlife sanctuaries, museums and other public places. This has created a buzz as a huge mass of people strive into public places looking for Pokemon monsters.

Researchers reported that active video games (AVGs) can be fun to play with added health benefits. Pokemon Go keeps the player on the move without a feeling of doing physical activity. It encourages the player to keep walking for miles in search of the monsters.

Pokemon Go Promotes Physical Activity

Since walking while looking at your smartphone is dangerous, the game allows the users to keep it away from their eyes by sending notifications in the form of vibration when they are near a Pokemon monster.

Pokemon Go promotes physical activity without any intention and indirectly keeps the user away from being sedentary. This type of design may help game developers to create new games that are not only interesting but healthy too.

Researchers have planned to conduct further studies to find potential health effects of AVGs.

Author: Don James

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