Pokemon Go Rolls Out in Asia, Changes Everything

Asian fans of Pokemon Go are now searching for the best network gear and telecom providers so they can overcome any patchy network signal hurdles while trying to capture these virtual creatures.

From Cambodia to Indonesia, the popularity of this augmented-reality application is forcing many gamers to change their lifestyle by making them walk through real-life locations as part of their adventure.

The game was released in a number of Southeast Asian countries on the 5th of August, one month after its launch in US, Japan, Australia and New Zealand, but enthusiasts will first have to fight off shaky transmission signals before anything else.

Pokemon Go

In Indonesia, gamers venture out more often with new devices to catch Pokémon that may appear near temples or other landmarks.

In Hong Kong, players hop on trams while in countries like Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam, the US State Department has tweeted warning players to watch out for unexploded mines from the war.

The game launched officially a couple of weeks ago in Indonesia, but thousands of enthusiastic players started playing it much earlier with the help of a proxy that allowed them access to other app stores.

Gamers are helping fuel a boom for modem manufacturers like PT Smartfren Telecom whose sales of 4G modems went up fivefold in the last couple of months. They have launched new devices with larger batteries just for gamers.

Pokemon Go

Retailers are also benefitting since more gamers are looking for devices that can power mobile connections and reduce data expenses.

However, another thing that is surging is the need for innovations in games. This could be anything from new characters to higher levels for players to reach. Looking for Pokémon, battling at gyms, etc. have already been done too many times. They now need to come up with new concepts in order to retain player interest.

Some players complain that there are too few Pokestops in certain rural areas which make it harder for them to get the equipment required to catch Pokémon.

In Legazpi City, 211 miles from Manila, in the Philippines, there are hardly any Pokestops as compared to metropolitan cities. In some towns, there are close to none as well.

Does any of this prevent the game from being a fan favorite? Not a chance.

Author: Don James

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