Pokemon Go Update Lands on Android and iOS, Makes Minor Yet Useful Changes

Pokemon Go had a huge craze back in the days but it’s still relatively popular according to Niantic labs.

The new update brings some useful changes to the game on iOS and Android platforms.

Pokemon Go Update

The game’s development is complete on both platforms which now allow Niantic labs to focus on making minor changes that would matter to the gaming community. The developers in their blog confirmed that they will be rolling out Android version 0.55.0 whereas iOS users will get upgraded to version 1.25.0. The game will remain fairly the same because it is not a major upgrade and will not have any user interface, gameplay changes or anything similar.

Based on the patch note released by the developer, Pokemon Go Android version will now load much faster during the initial launch. Previously, the Android version of the app had frequent issues when it was unable to connect with the servers when launched. Users had to wait for a great deal of time before it finally opened up and allowed them to catch their favorite Pokemon creature. The Pokemon Go Plus accessory will now readily be accessible, according to the blog post.

The new improved iOS version of the game now has integrated support for wheelchair when the user is wearing an Apple Watch. Niantic announced the app for the wearable device last year and ever since its initial launch, they have been doing all possible tweaks to make it suit the Watch. People who are physically challenged will now be able to enjoy catching those creatures and the app will detect their movement by making using of the iOS devices available.

Niantic labs had always been cryptic when it comes to updates. They don’t follow a schedule of listing the changes they make in the lab. But, this time the company has decided to let people know what they have actually changed in the game. While being relatively minor, it’s going to make Pokemon Go much better for Android users because of the faster loading times. The company has plans to launch a companion device and a major Gen 2 Pokemon update for the app in the near future.

Pokemon Go

Compared to its initial launch days, the popularity surrounding Pokemon Go has slowly waned off. It took its own time to reach players in different regions and had lots of performance issues. Besides, the innovative idea was never designed to launch years but did its job by bringing people out of their home to catch Pokemons.

Author: Don James

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