Refurbished Samsung Galaxy Note 7 to be Released in June Priced at $250 Less than the Original Price

We all know what happened to Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

The phone that had given Samsung high hopes by recording the highest number of pre-orders for a Sammy device ever, suddenly became a health hazard.

After numerous cases of it frying and bursting into flames started overwhelming the South Korean tech giant, it finally decided to pull the trigger and completely ban the Galaxy Note 7 from the public’s use. At the time, the phone had hardly been in the market for a month, but the company had already shipped and sold millions of units in just a handful of markets, including the local Korea, the U.S. as well as China.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Of course, many of those who had not experienced any issues with Samsung Galaxy Note 7 considered themselves unlucky when the calls for returning the device came in. However, the affected parties were more than happy to give it back and get a full refund or another Sammy device, possibly a Galaxy S7 Edge.

Some have seen the move by Samsung in releasing Galaxy S8 and S8+ handsets with much bigger 5.8-inch and 6.2-inch display screens, respectively, as a way of trying to alleviate the pain felt by lovers of the Galaxy Note series due to its immense display real estate. Many had fallen in love with the Note series due to its phablet size and when the Galaxy Note 7 was discontinued, it meant that they had to wait for another year before actually getting their hands on another powerful phablet-sized flagship from the Korean company.

Some might be happy with the big-screen Galaxy S8 and S8+, but those who loved the Galaxy Note series for more than just its display size might not have to wait long before they can get their hands on a full Galaxy Note device with support for the unique S Pen. Yes, this is one feature that has made the Note series such a popular smartphone lineup and if it’s the only thing that has been keeping you glued to the Note series, well, there’s some good news for you.

After a series of appearances in leaks and recently on the Wi-Fi Alliance, the latest report coming from South Korea says that the refurbished Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will be back in June. While this has been mentioned before, there was no word on the expected come-back date, but it is now official. In fact, there’s more.

The refurbished Galaxy Note 7 will make its debut in South Korea and so far, the report says that the phone will be priced at around $250 less when compared to the original asking price of about $870. The report, which was obtained by ETNews, says that the phone will be available on all major local carriers such as LG, KT and SKT. If the same report is to be believed, the refurbished phablet will be called Samsung Galaxy Note 7R.

Refurbished Galaxy Note 7

Previous reports have suggested that the alleged Samsung Galaxy Note 7R will come with just about the same hardware specs and features that appeared on the original model. However, the major change would take place on the battery and software aspects. Unlike the original Note 7 that packed a 3500mAh battery unit, the Note 7R will come in with a smaller 3200mAh unit. Also, the refurbished unit will debut with Android 7.0 Nougat running the show as opposed to Marshmallow, which was used on the 2016 model.

The release of a refurbished Samsung Galaxy Note 7 doesn’t mean that there’re no plans to release a Galaxy Note 8. Unfortunately, those in the U.S. and Canada will have to wait for the Note 8 as the Note 7R won’t be coming to the west.


Author: Don James

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